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The Nissan 280ZX, a sports coupé produced by Nissan from 1978 to 1983, was the second-generation Z-car and was named Motor Trend's Car of the Year in 1979. Recognized for its aerodynamic design, the 280ZX showcased a lower center of gravity and nearly 50/50 weight distribution that improved fuel economy and high-speed stability. Its wheelbase was extended from its predecessor to 91.3 inches, and the steering was upgraded to an unassisted rack-and-pinion system, later evolving to a power-assisted variant in naturally aspirated models. It offered multiple engine options such as the 2L L20E I6, L20ET turbo I6, 2.8L L28E I6, and L28ET turbo I6, paired with 4-speed manual, 5-speed Borg-Warner T-5 manual, and 3-speed Jatco 3N71B automatic transmissions. For the US market, a turbocharged engine with 180 bhp was introduced in 1981, offering the fastest Japanese import experience at the time. This model, heavier and softer than its earlier versions, emphasized driver comfort and refinement, featuring softer suspension, better sound insulation, comfortable seats, and an advanced air filter. Both two-seat and four-seat designs were offered, boasting an evolutionary exterior design with integrated safety bumpers and a comfortable interior. The Nissan 280ZX remains a celebrated figure in the Z-car line for its balance of performance and comfort.

Nissan 280ZX, a popular Grand tourer 3-door fastback among youngsters, requires routine maintenance and problem-solving knowledge to maintain its prime condition. Two common issues are transmission failure and engine failure. Transmission problems can manifest as clicking or popping noises while turning that intensify during acceleration or shuddering during acceleration, difficulty controlling the vehicle, and a clunking noise when shifting from drive to reverse. The CV joint, output shaft bearing, and transfer case output shaft snap ring are often at fault. Engine failure can present as a rough running engine, stalling, failure to start, metallic sounds, and reduced performance, including poor fuel economy and power loss during acceleration. If the Check Engine Light is illuminated, it's advisable to inspect the fuel tank, fuel pressure regulator, oil filter, and fuel pump. Maintaining a high-performance 280ZX demands more than routine maintenance; knowing what parts to maintain and when is crucial. The emblem, representing your 280ZX, may fall off due to long-term exposure to adverse environmental conditions, while the wiper blade, ensuring clear visibility, can deteriorate due to exposure to heat and severe weather, requiring replacement at least every six months.

When it comes to quality, OEM parts take the top spot as the number one choice. These parts are crafted directly by Nissan, following strict factory specifications, and undergo demanding quality control processes during manufacturing. If you are on a budget but wish for your vehicle to have a long life, you've come to the right place. We offer an extensive inventory of OEM Nissan 280ZX parts, including Seat & Seat Belt, Body (Back Door & Rear Body), from alternators to floor mats, all at unbeatable prices. Rest assured, all our genuine Nissan 280ZX parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty, ensuring your peace of mind. Additionally, we offer an easy return policy and swift delivery service for your convenience.