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About Nissan Axxess

Nissan Axxess is a compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) manufactured by the exceptional Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company Ltd from 1988 to1994. The first Nissan Axxess was introduced in September 1988 for the 1989 model year as the second-generation Nissan Prairie in North American market. But after 1989, the Nissan Axxess was replaced by the larger Nissan/Ford joint venture called the Nissan Quest in North American market, so Nissan Axxess was actually produced through one generation.
The Nissan Axxess (series M11 1988-1994) was introduced in North American market in September 1988 as a 1989 model. It had a reinstalled B-pillar and got the torsion beam rear suspension replaced by a more conventional coil setup that prevented the rear seats from reclining. Though Nissan Axxess stopped selling as early as 1990 in the United States, it was still available in Canada until 1995 model year. As a 5-door minivan available both in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, Nissan Axxess was powered by 2.4 L KA24E, 2.0 L CA20S and 2.0 L SR20DE inline 4-cylinder engines and engines were mated to 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmissions.

Nissan Axxess Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As the main body type of Nissan Axxess is the minivan, so it is a very popular vehicle among vendors, caterers and even people with lots of families. And that is why you should know about common problems and solutions in advance thus you can sustain your Nissan Axxess for a longer time:
First, suspension failure. Suspension system's condition in a vehicle would decide if the driving experience is pleasant or not. While on Nissan Axxess, some drivers complained that some strange rattling or squeaking noises from underneath the vehicle would not only annoy them, distract their attention while driving and the sluggish response in vehicle handling because of loose and shaky steering wheel also increase the possibility of dangerous driving, so once you notice these symptoms appear on your Nissan Axxess, please check the Axxess sway bar bushing directly.
Second, transmission failure. Though this is not a rare problem in Nissan model, in Nissan Axxess, it still manifests in its own way. Some experienced Nissan Axxess drivers told that they had difficulty in shifting gears and could hear grinding noises coming from underneath the vehicle, which troubled and tortured them a lot. And sometimes the vehicle would jump in and out of four-wheel drive, which is also extremely dangerous for driving. And in general, you could solve this problem by replacing the transfer case seal and shift fork.
But for your Nissan Axxess's overall excellent quality, you have to perform routine maintenance as well as simply reaction measures are not enough. Some auto parts will not last as long as the vehicle will as they would wear and tear due to frequency of use. Wiper blade, for example, is responsible for sweeping off debris on the windshield so the driving vision won't get blocked, but it should get replaced at least every six months as it is made of fragile soft rubbers. Fog light, headlight and headlight bulb are all working in open environment and mostly under adverse weather conditions. So, you had better maintain them in a regular basis as they could not only light road ahead but also work as warning tools of your presence.
And the best maintaining method for your Nissan Axxess is always to get old broken auto parts replaced by the OEM Nissan Axxess auto parts. For your information, you could choose them at our broad selection of genuine Nissan Axxess auto parts from All these OEM Axxess parts are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, so you could trust them in quality, reliability and durability. What's more, hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service are also available. So why not start your shopping now and get your Nissan Axxess back on the road immediately!