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    When it comes to new Cube OEM parts at the lowest prices, we've been the top choice for decades. Our complete online catalog covers all Nissan genuine Cube parts and accessories. All parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty and shipped directly from Nissan dealers. No matter where you are in the country, your Cube car parts will arrive fast, cheap, and hassle-free.

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About Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube is a mini Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) manufactured by the exceptional Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company Ltd since 1998. But the worldwide version of Nissan Cube was manufactured from 2009 to 2014. The first North American Nissan Cube was also introduced in 2009. As a subcompact vehicle, Nissan Cube has won lots of awards and recognition such as 2009 Kelley Blue Book named it one of its Top 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000, Top Safety Pick Award from IIHS, 2010 Automotive Design of the Year Award and so on. It has been produced through three generations but was available in world only for one generation.
The third-generation Nissan Cube (2008-2014), also the North American version of Nissan Cube, was first unveiled at the 2008 Los Angeles International Auto Show on November 19, 2008 and went on sale in United States on May 5, 2009. As a 5-door hatchback, Nissan Cube was available in 1.8 S Manual, 1.8 S CVT and 1.8 SL trim levels. Built at the Nissan B platform and available both in front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, Nissan Cube was powered by a 1.8 L MR18DE Inline 4-cylinder engine that could produce 122 hp and 127 pound feet of torque and this engine was mated to 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmission or CVT.

Nissan Cube Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Nissan Cube is quite popular among people who loves to travel outside or just for commuting. But only for these purposes, its proper working operation is quite important. And that is why you should learn about how to diagnose and solve common problems on it as early as possible:
First, suspension failure. Every driver knows that a well-operated suspension could let occupants free from discomforts. However, in Nissan Cube, some drivers complained that the clunking or rattling noises from tire area would not only annoy and distract their attention but also is the main causes of uneven tire wear. Meanwhile, the vehicle would bounce while driving and bottom out and sometimes it just tilts to one side and drivers feel harder to control the vehicle due to excessive vibrations and loose or shaky steering wheel. If these symptoms are what your Nissan Cube is experiencing now, please check the Cube sway bar link, sway bar bushing, coil springs and strut bearing as soon as possible.
Second, engine failure. This is also a very serious problem on Nissan Cube. Some drivers told the problem would manifest some signs such as noisy engine, burnt odor, overheating engine, misfiring and reduced engine performance. Decrease in power, acceleration and fuel economy as well as starting issues are also very common. So, if the Check Engine Light in your Nissan Cube comes on, you could perform a thorough inspection on the Cube exhaust flange gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, and intake manifold gasket.
It is a pity that some other auto parts in Nissan Cube are also very easy to go wrong as accumulation of mileage. Cube rear passenger door handle latch will fall off if used too much, tailgate lock will stop working and expose your property in dangers of being stolen. Window motor, power window switch are electrical parts for convenience. Wheel cover is responsible for stopping accumulation of moisture or dirt on wheels, cabin air filter works for venting fresh air, all of them are important for your driving trip so add them on your routine maintenance list.
And the most affordable OEM Nissan Cube auto parts could be obtained easily from the giant selection of genuine Nissan Cube auto parts from at the lowest price. Backed by the manufacturer's warranty, these OEM Cube parts have greater assurance in quality, reliability and durability than any aftermarket parts. So, you could shop with confidence as our hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service would also surprise you.