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About Nissan 310/310GX

Nissan 310/310GX is a subcompact car manufactured by the exceptional Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company Ltd from May 1978 to April 1982. Made under the Datsun Pulsar line, Nissan 310/310GX was also called as Datsun 310/310GX. The first Nissan 310 was introduced in United States to replace the Cherry F-II internationally. A coupe model called the 310GX was also introduced to North American market during late 1970s. However, due to its slacking sales and the larger rear-wheel drive 210-series always outsold it, after 1982 model year, the production of Nissan 310/310GX stopped.
When Nissan 310/310GX was first introduced, it inherited advantages from its predecessor such as rack-and-pinion steering of the Cherry, as well as the independent suspension with coilover struts in front and coil sprung trailing arms at the rear. Nissan 310/310GX was available in 3-door hatchback, liftback coupé and panel van, 4-door fastback sedan, 5-door hatchback and station wagon. But it had Deluxe trim level and GX trim level for coupé and hatchback. And all these models were powered by a 1.4 L A14 inline 4-cylinder engine mated to 4-speed or 5-speed manual transmissions. Then in 1981, the l.4 L engine was replaced by the 1.5 L A15 inline 4-cylinder engine.

Nissan 310/310GX Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a subcompact car, Nissan 310/310GX is very suitable for using as a transportation for commuting or traveling outdoor, so in order to enjoy the pleasure brought by your Nissan 310/310GX longer, you have the need to know about some common problems and solutions about it:
First, engine failure. If you still own a Nissan 310/310GX now, then I bet you are familiar with this issue. Some other Nissan 310/310GX drivers do have complained about this problem for many times. First, they could only hear abnormal noises from engine, hydraulic lifters and valve train; then the engine started to overheat often and it consumed more oil than usual, they could see white or grey oil smoke and the engine performance was reduced as a lack of acceleration power and backfiring. If the Check Engine Light on your 310/310 GX comes on, you had better check the rod bearing, oil pump, piston ring set, timing chain, cam gear, water pump, radiator cap and oil pump gasket immediately.
Second, braking and suspension failure. I assume every driver knows clearly about the importance of a properly operated braking system. However, in Nissan 310/310GX, some owners told the parking brake could not hold the vehicle properly or it could just not function at all and the Parking Brake Light would also come on, these symptoms could be attributed to a faulty parking brake cable. As for suspension failure, it often manifests as abnormal tire wear, grinding or roaring noise from tire area and vibration in steering wheel, so you could replace the 310/310GX wheel bearing.
But besides above mentioned auto parts, some other auto parts in Nissan 310/310GX should get maintained regularly. As some auto parts could not last as long as your vehicle could and once they are broken, hazard accidents could happen as well. Door handle is responsible for opening and closing doors from outside or inside the vehicle so that passengers could enter or exit the vehicle. However, due to the high frequency of use, the door handle can be prone to heavy wear and cause issues with opening or closing doors, thus it will be extremely inconvenient. So, you should maintain it more often. Also, the oil pressure switch is also what you should maintain regularly.
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