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The Nissan Datsun 810, produced from February 1977 to 1981, is a mid-size car with two generations. The first variant was inspired by the four-cylinder Bluebird (810) and had a longer engine bay, available as a sedan, station wagon, and later as a hardtop coupe. The powertrain comprised a six-cylinder 2000G6, with two versions of the SOHC L-series I6 engine: a 2 L displacement for the Japanese market and a 2.4 L24E kit for the US, generating 125 hp SAE. These cars were rear-wheel-drive with a semi-trailing arm rear suspension and sport versions included a four-speed manual transmission for the sedan. The second generation (1981), renamed Maxima in 1982, was based on the Bluebird (910) and offered in sedan and wagon body styles. It retained the MacPherson strut suspension and 2,500 mm wheelbase but had simpler clean-cut lines and continued with the same power components range. The coupe version was discontinued and the larger 2.8 L was no longer available. Measuring 4,260 mm in length, 1,631 mm in width, and 1,389 mm in height, and weighing 1,084 kg, the car could reach a top speed of 183 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 9.8 seconds. The Datsun 810 was popular for its combination of luxury, practicality, and high performance, characterized by its rear-wheel drive and large straight-six engine.

The Nissan Datsun 810, a mid-size car popular for commuting and travelling, often faces issues with its suspension and engine. Uneven tire wear, identified by grinding or rattling sounds from the front tires and the vehicle tilting to one side, as well as excessive bouncing and vibration, are telltale signs of suspension failure, usually linked to a malfunctioning leaf spring bushing. Engine failure in the Datsun 810 is often manifested through an audible whining noise, erratic temperature gauge readings, engine overheating, reduced engine performance, and starting difficulties. These issues necessitate checking the fuel pump, thermostat, and thermostat housing when the Check Engine Light illuminates. However, reactive measures alone are insufficient to keep your Datsun 810 in prime condition. Regular maintenance, such as the replacement of the seat belt after each accident (regardless of whether the pretensioner is activated), and the timely upkeep of the wiper blades, headlights, fog lights, and headlight bulbs, is crucial for maintaining optimum visibility and ensuring safe and comfortable rides.

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