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About Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R is a high-performance vehicle manufactured by the exceptional Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company Ltd since 2007. The first Nissan GT-R is introduced in 2007 to replace the Nissan Skyline GT-R. Though as a 2-door 2+2 Coupé with less than ten-year history, Nissan GT-R has won a lot of awards and recognition such as Top Gear Awards-Sport Car of the Year, MotorWeek's Driver's Choice Awards 2009- Best Performance Car,'s Edmunds' Inside Line Editors' Most Wanted Awards: Instant Classic, Motor Trend's Car of the Year and so on.
The production version of Nissan GT-R was first unveiled at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show and went on sale in United States on July 7, 2008, though its concept version was introduced as early as 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. It is offered in several models including GT-R SpecV (unveiled at 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon), Black Edition, GT-R NISMO (for 2015 model year), and GT-R NISMO N-Attack. Nissan GT-R now gets power from a 3.8 L VR38DETT twin-turbo V6 engine that could produce 545 bhp and 612Nm of torque and this engine is fitted along with a 6-speed manual sequential dual clutch transmission.

Nissan GT-R Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a sports car like Nissan GT-R, high performance is its basic feature. But as time passes by, its performance may get reduced. In order to prevent the day from coming earlier, you have every reason to know about how to diagnose and solve problems on it as quickly as possible:
First, engine failure. Though it is a common problem on most vehicles, in Nissan GT-R, it would display some signs. Some Nissan GT-R drivers told that bad gas mileage, rough idle, misfiring, strange noises from engine, overheating and reduced engine performance affect the overall quality of the vehicle. So, if you feel complete loss of power while acceleration, the vehicle suffers from starting issue or inability to start and you have to add oil more often due to poor fuel economy and the Check Engine Light is illuminated, then you should have a thorough inspection on the GT-R oxygen sensor, oil filter, intake manifold gasket, air filter, exhaust manifold gasket, and throttle body gasket.
Second, transmission failure. Transmission issue is a very common problem in Nissan models but different models have different manifestations. In Nissan GT-R, according to some owners, they could hear a clicking or popping sound when turning and sound would get louder when accelerating in turns. The grease would leak onto the inside of the wheels and vibrations around the CV axle and shudder or side-to-side shake during acceleration make it harder to control. So, the GT-R CV joint and CV boot must be replaced.
However, for a complicated item like Nissan GT-R, it is not easy to keep every auto part in it at the prime condition all the time. What you should bear in mind is that some of them must be and that is why routine maintenance is important for those auto parts. Seat belt is responsible for protecting occupants from harm brought by sudden movement, it could be your lifesaver in any collision. So, you should replace and examine it after every minor accident. And wiper blade is same important in making sure your driving safety by offering you clear driving visibility. It should get swapped at least once a half of year. Emblem as the symbol of your vehicle also should be kept intact.
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