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About Nissan Pulsar NX

Nissan Pulsar NX is a compact vehicle manufactured by the exceptional Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company Ltd from 1983 to 1990. As a matter of fact, it is the North American version of Nissan Pulsar EXA (1982-1986) and Nissan EXA (1986-1990). And it had been produced through two generations before it was replaced by the Nissan NX (B14) coupé.
The first-generation Nissan Pulsar NX (N12; 1982-1986) was introduced in North American in 1982 for the 1983 model year. It followed the successful strategy of Nissan Sunny and was marked as affordable and youth-oriented in 2-door coupé and 2-door convertible. And Nissan Pulsar NX was powered by 1.3 L E13, 1.5 L E15, 1.5 L E15ET turbo and 1.6 L E16 inline 4-cylinder engines. Then the second-generation Nissan Pulsar NX (N13; 1986-1990) was available in North America in 1986. Though it was offered in only one body style, the 3-door T-top coupé, it was available in the XE and the twin-cam SE trim levels in North America. And Nissan Pulsar NX then was powered by a 1.6 L E16i, 1.6 L GA16i, 1.6 L CA16DE and 1.8 L CA18DE inline 4-cylinder engines in succession. And these engines were mated to either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Nissan Pulsar NX Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Compact car like Nissan Pulsar NX could be used as commuting car or travel car for short distance. That is why many young people love it so much. However, for you enjoyable riding, there is something you must bear in your mind:
First, engine issue. This is the most common problem appear on Nissan Pulsar NX if it reached at a certain mileage. Some experienced Nissan Pulsar NX drivers told some signs would also emerge before the engine breaking down completely. At first, excessive or unusual engine noises while driving would distract drivers' attention while driving; then the overheating and decrease in power, acceleration and fuel economy affected the driving experience dramatically. If your engine would die abruptly and Check Engine Light is activated, then Pulsar NX distributor cap, water pump, ignition coil, distributor cap, exhaust manifold gasket and valve cover gasket need a thorough inspection.
Second, suspension, steering and transmission failure. A well-functioning suspension is supposed to keep occupants free from any displeasure during driving. However, in Nissan Pulsar NX, some owners told that the excessive vibration and grinding noises made the driving terribly uncomfortable, not to mention the difficulty in controlling due to shaky and loose steering wheel. The Pulsar NX coil spring insulator, leaf spring plate, control arm bushing, sway bar bushing and radius arm bushing should take the responsibility. As for steering and transmission failures, the power steering hose and clutch disc are often the culprits.
However, it is never an easy task to complete if you want to keep your Nissan Pulsar NX at the prime condition all the time. You know it is a complicated item made of countless auto parts, any part in it goes wrong could lead to mishap as the benign cooperation between auto parts could give you a tip-top vehicle. Some electrical parts such as speedometer cable and headlight switch are easy to break due to high frequency of use. Tailgate lock could protect your property safe at the tailgate and wheel cover could stop accumulation of moisture and dirt on wheels so that your wheels roll smoothly. All of them are critical and should be maintained on a regular basis.
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