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About Nissan Van

Nissan Van is a cab over van manufactured by the exceptional Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company Ltd from 1978 to 1984. It was also called as Nissan Vanette, Nissan Sunny-Vanette in some markets. The first Nissan Van was introduced in October 1978 as a replacement for the 1969 Nissan Cherry Cab/Sunny Cab C20 and Nissan Sunny Cab Van/Nissan Cherry Cab Van. Though it had produced through four generations altogether, the last two generations, however, were built by Mazada and rebadged as Nissan.
However, in North American market, Nissan Van was sold from 1987 to 1990 and till 1993 in Canada. As a 2-door truck, 4-door minibus, Nissan Van was introduced to United States to compete with the similar sized Toyota Van and Mitsubishi Van and to join the growing minivan market in the USA. Then the North American version Nissan Van was powered by a 2.4 L Z24i inline 4-cylinder engine and this engine was fitted along with either a 4-speed manual transmission or a 3-speed automatic transmission. However, due to four safety recalls did not end the engine fire problems and a class action lawsuit pending, the production of Nissan Van ended at last and was replaced by the Nissan/Ford jointed manufactured Nissan Quest in 1992 in North America.

Nissan Van Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a cab over van, Nissan Van is quite suitable for loading heavy items for long distance by caterers, vendors, and people with families. And due to it was recalled before, so if you happen to own one Nissan Van, then you have the need to know these for your Nissan Van's long lifespan:
First, steering issue. A well-functioning steering system is supposed to guide drivers to anywhere they want to head for. However, some Nissan Van drivers complained the steering system in the vehicle enable to do this. The vehicle seemed to wander or weave back and forth on its own, which is a very scary phenomenon for drivers; and they found the steering wheel had too much play when they moved the wheel considerably from one side to side without much resistance. What's more, if your Nissan Van has all these symptoms and the front wheel shifts back and forth without manipulating the steering wheel as all, then your Van idler arm must be faulty.
Second, transmission failure. Transmission failure in all Nissan models are quite common, and in Nissan Van, it manifests as grease leaking onto the inside of the wheel, excessive vibrations from the CV axle and clicking noise during turns. As transmission system is critical for your driving safety, so if similar symptoms appear on your Nissan Van, then the Van CV boot must in dire need for replacement.
If you are a car enthusiast, then you must be aware of the necessity of routine maintenance. Knowing how to deal with happened issues in far from enough, preventing potential issues from happening in your Nissan Van is the best measure for lengthening your vehicle's life expectancy. Routine maintenance is an essential. Door lock actuator, as an electrical part, would wear and tear as accumulation of usage times, and it is useful in preventing steeling, so you have better maintain it more often. Wiper blade, fog light and headlight all play important parts in providing better visibility under adverse weather conditions, they deserve to be maintained or replaced every six months.
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