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About Nissan Versa Note

Nissan Versa Note is a mini Multi-Purpose Vehicle manufactured by the exceptional Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company Ltd since 2012. Actually, the first Nissan Versa Note was introduced in 2012 for North American market as the second-generation Nissan Note. And it was designed to replace the outgoing Nissan Versa hatchback in the United States.
The production version of Nissan Versa Note was first unveiled at the 2013 North American International Auto Show, though its concept version got introduced as early as the 2012 Geneva International Motor Show. And Nissan Versa Note went on sale in summer 2013 as a 2014 model year vehicle in the United States. Built at the Nissan V platform, American version of Nissan Versa Note was offered in Base, S, S Plus, SV, SL and sporty SR trim levels. And it got three different engine options. Nissan Versa Note now is powered by the 1.2 L HR12DE I3 that could produce 78 hp and 78 pound feet of torque, 1.2 L HR12DDR supercharged I3 that could generate 97 hp and 105 pound feet of torque and the 1.6 L HR16DE I4 with output of 109 hp and 107 pound feet of torque, and these engines are mated to 5-speed manual transmission or Xtronic CVT.

Nissan Versa Note Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Mini Multi-Purpose Vehicle like Nissan Versa Note is quite suitable for both family use and business use such as caterers, vendors or merchants use it to load goods. However, no matter how tough it was built, it could reach its expired date. And that is why you should know these:
First, engine failure. When the Nissan Versa Note reached at approximately 20,000 miles, engine failure starts to emerge according to Nissan Versa Note owners' descriptions. The specific symptoms of this issue include engine misfiring, smoke and strange sounds from the engine, oil puddles under the car, dirty exhaust and having issues in starting or intermittent stalling as well as reduction in power, acceleration and fuel economy. Thus, once the Check Engine Light is activated, please inspect the Versa Note intake manifold gasket, oil pan, oil filter, oil pump gasket, serpentine or drive bely, camshaft or crankshaft position sensor, exhaust flange or manifold gasket and throttle body gasket.
Second, cooling issue. As cooling issue would also affect the engine performance and lifespan drastically, you should not ignore this issue on your Nissan Versa Note. Some Nissan Versa Note drivers said the issue would manifest as needing to constantly add coolant due to leaking coolant and illuminated Low Coolant Light, and the ultimate result of the problem is often an overheating and overall poor quality engine. If these are what your Nissan Versa Note is experiencing, please check the coolant reservoir, cooling hose and radiator hose immediately.
But, if you want to retain your Nissan Versa Note for a longer time, then doing inspections simply is not enough. You have also to perform routine maintenance and take precautions all the time. Wheel bearing in the suspension system is a quite vulnerable part that could lead to unpleasant driving experience. And the wiper blade could also break after overexposure to heat and adverse weather conditions, door lock actuator, seat belt, headlight, emblem, rear passenger door handle latch and wheel cover are all consuming parts that could go wrong someday and cause fatal consequences. Thus, you had better perform routine maintenance on them.
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