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Genuine Nissan Spark Plug

Ignition Spark Plug

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We offer a full selection of genuine Nissan Spark Plugs, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Ignition Spark Plug results by selecting the vehicle.

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About Nissan Spark Plug

A tiny component within your Nissan's ignition system is the spark plug. Each spark plug works hard to kindle the air-fuel mix in the combustion chamber which drives your automobile. Your typical Nissan spark plug generates an electrical spark over a set gap on your plug, and once that happens, the delta is complete, so the boom can happen within your engine. Materials vary from one spark plug to the next, but a lot of modern Nissan's now use long lasting platinum plugs, but other models utilize other metals like iridium and copper.
Whenever your spark plugs are working appropriately, your acceleration will be smooth and easy, and your MPG will maintain at its normal level without any drastic dips. You can find the spark plugs easily by tracing your spark plug wires all the way back to the engine block. Because your Nissan's spark plugs operate in close conjunction with your spark plug wire set, whenever you are replacing the plugs, you should also be changing the wire set as well, so your efforts to tune-up your vehicle are maximized. For the most part, you should be changing your spark plug set out every 3 years or 30,000 miles.
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