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About Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada is a mid-size crossover manufactured by the exceptional Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company Ltd since April 2, 1980. The first Nissan Armada was introduced to the North American market in 1980 for the 1981 model year. Sharing the body-on-frame construction D platform with other Nissan models such as Nissan Titan pickup truck, Nissan Xterra crossover, Nissan Frontier pickup truck and Nissan Pathfinder crossover, Nissan Armada absorbed other models' advantages well and has been produced through two generations till now.
The first-generation Nissan Armada (1980-2000) was introduced in 1980 as a 1981 model called as Pathfinder Armada. But since 1981, it has been named as Nissan Armada. During first generation, it was offered in base SE (replaced by SV later), mid-range Off-Road (swapped by SL later), and top-of-the-line Platinum Edition. And Nissan Armada was powered by a 5.6 L VK56DE V8 engine mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. Then on February 2, 2001, the second-generation Nissan Armada (2001-present) was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show and went on sale in May as a 2002 model. SV, SL and Platinum trim levels get retained. Now, Nissan Armada gets power from a 5.6 L Endurance V8 engine attached to a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Nissan Armada Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

People say a crossover or a crossover utility vehicle like Nissan Armada is better than SUV as it combines features of SUV and ordinary passenger vehicle well. But it would still wear out as accumulation of mileage and problems as follows would come for it:
First, Brake Light and Check Engine Light come on. When the Nissan Armada reached at about 100, miles, both lights were activated according to the Armada drivers. Besides, the brake became super noisy and responded poorly, brake pedal became pulsating and score marks could be found on the rotors. The Armanda brake pad set, brake disc and brake backing plate are often the culprits. As for illuminated Check Engine Light, you may trace the reason to defective engine control module, oxygen sensor, camshaft position sensor, rod bearing and fuel injector O-Ring.
Second, suspension system. A well-operated suspension system is very essential for comfortable driving, especially in a crossover like Nissan Armada. However, Armada owners complained driving the vehicle could not be a pleasure as they could hear clunking, rattling or squeaking noises coming from underneath the car all the time while driving, which not only torture their patience but also distract their attention. Furthermore, the excessive vibrating made it harder for them to control the vehicle so that it would steer to the leaf or right while driving and swerve or nose dive when braking. If you are also suffering from uncomfortable driving experience in your Nissan Armada, you are highly recommended to inspect the Armada control arm kit, control arm, control arm bushing, sway bar bushing or sway bar link, shock absorber and coil spring insulator thoroughly.
In order to keep your Nissan Armada at the prime condition consistently, you are supposed to take preventative measures in advance rather than simply take reaction measures as some auto parts in your Armada would wear and tear without notice. Some electrical parts such as door lock actuator, door striker, headlight switch etc. would break down and cause serious consequences before you know. Fog light, seat belt, wiper blade all play significant roles in protecting your driving safety through physical holding or better visibility. So, all of them should be on your routine maintenance list.
The key of prime condition is to get brand new OEM Nissan Armada auto parts for replaced old ones. If you have concerns about price, then you would like the vast selection of lowest-priced genuine Nissan Armada auto parts provided by For your information, all OEM Armada parts from here are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service, so you can shop with confidence!